Senior Living Tips and Checklist

What are the vising hours?

We do not have set visiting hours, please let your friends and family know when it is convenient for you to receive visitors.

May I bring personal items?

Of course! We encourage you to bring small personal items such as clocks and pictures to personalize your space. We do suggest settling in and giving yourself time to become comfortable in your room before bringing in large pieces of furniture. Please be considerate of your roommate.

Should I bring my prescription medications?

No. State and federal governments require us to administer medications that have come directly from the pharmacy.

How much clothing should I bring?

We recommend about one week’s worth of comfortable clothing along with a sweater or jacket and at least one pair of athletic or rubber-soled shoes. Please do not bring any delicate or dry-clean only items that may shrink or fade.

Is there cable television and phone service in my room?

For your convenience, Cable One is set up in each room and free WiFi is also available. Phones are in each room with unlimited local calls.

Are there religious services?

Various religious services are held throughout the week. The times and denominations are posted. The Ministry to the Aged Chaplain is routinely in the building and can be called in at any time of day or night. Open bible study is held weekly.

Who will take me to my doctor’s appointments?

We are happy to take you to your doctors’ appointments in our wheelchair accesible van. Family and friends are welcome to attend as well. They can either meet you here and ride in the van with you or meet at the doctor’s office. Because we provide this service to many residents, we ask that you let us make the medical appointments for you. That way we can schedule enough time to ensure you get the attention you need and deserve. .

Can I leave the facility to go out with family and friends?

Of course! But please let your nurse know when you will be leaving and for how long. Medicare regulations ask that patients who are on Medicare only leave the building for up to four hours with a doctor’s order.

When is hospice appropriate?

Choosing hospice care for yourself or a loved one is a difficult decision. Hospice is appropriate when curative care is no longer appropriate or desired, and the focus of care turns to comforting and maintaining the quality of life. Many local hospice agencies are available, and Valley View Nursing and Rehabilitation associates will help ensure you have as much choice as possible at this stage of life.