What is the Medicare Window?

The 30 Day Window is a Medicare provision for those patients who go home after being discharged from a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center or an acute care hospital and find they are not quite ready to be back at home yet.

Medicare allows you to be readmitted to Valley View Nursing and Rehabilitation without another qualifying hospital visit if you are readmitted to our facility within 30 days of your discharge. According to Medicare, readmissions over a longer period of time require another hospital visit as your condition may be impacted by other factors such as a new complicating illness.

This 30 Day Window also applies to patients who were discharged directly from the hospital without ever receiving care from Valley View Nursing and Rehabilition. If, after returning home, you have reconsidered the benefits of a rehabilitative stay, you may be eligible to admitted to our skilled nursing center without a new hospital stay.

Who Qualifies?

To qualify for the Medicare 30 day window you must:

  • Have received Part A Medicare benefits in an acute care hospital or skilled nursing center within the last 30 days
  • Require rehabilitative care or skilled nursing care related to the initial reason for hospitalization and Medicare coverage
  • Have days remaining on your skilled nursing Part A, 100 day benefit period
  • Have physician orders for readmission

  • Our Continued Care

    Valley View Nursing and Rehabilitation is honored that you have allowed us to be a part of your recovery process. After receiving the highest quality care available, we believe your return home will be safe and successful. If for some reason you do find that returning to daily life is more difficult than expected, please contact us immediately. You may be eligible for continued care without a hospital stay if you fall within the Medicare 30 days window. We hope that you will never need this option, but want to ensure that you know it is available.